About us

About Us

Headquartered in the Silicon Valley, Mallris.com is a club-based online warehouse specializes in overstock and pre-owned merchandise. We wholesale, retail, and drop-ship. All transactions can be completed online. Our products range from brand new, used, to repair stock. We often receive questions asking why our prices are so good, so remarkably better than what other merchants, online or physical, could possibly offer. Mallris achieves this by establishing a Direct Reverse Supply Chain Management System, which allows us to buy and sell directly and pass the saving to our members. This process is also extremely environment-friendly. Not only our direct distribution model reduces the transportation required (vs. the traditional multi-tier distribution), we do not refurbish or re-package the products. This super green business operation minimizes the carbon footprint and further reduces our operation overhead. Because of the bargain, many of the items we list would be sold within minutes (if not seconds) after they are listed. Thank you for supporting Mallris and happy treasure hunting!